Wednesday, February 16, 2011

We've been blogged...

Thank you to everyone that has mentioned us on twitter, facebook, in SL, on Flickr and to everyone that has blogged about the hunt!

Read about us on The RumorMia Snow's Blog and Chestnut Rau's Blog!

Please keep spreading the word about the I <3 ART HUNT as it is continuing until 28 Feb, so lots of time left for everyone to go hunting!

Happy Hunting :)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hunt hints

We figured you might need some help finding the palettes, so here are some hints to help you hunt!

01: sit down while you look around (and behind)
02: start with a blank canvas
03: can i be your valentine?
04: i hope the palette doesn't spill on the carpet
05: pretty poppy
06: don't sit on it
07: zebra's dividing rooms?
08: zoltan says to look for the bluebird
09: photography by...
10: does the clock work?
11: look up for the hanging boxes... below a lightbulb moment
12: invitation to the neighborhood bbq
13: front row, left of centre
14: under moo
15: not in the hunt - skip
16: whats that on the artist side table?
17: find the subscribomatic here
18: finish just as you started (clue no1)

Happy Hunting and please let your friends know about the I <3 ART HUNT!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Need hints?

Need hints to help you find the palettes? Check back tomorrow for some clues :)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

iheartarthunt participating Artists and Galleries

Hi I<3Art Hunters,

Below is the list of participating Artists and Galleries, who will have their palettes out from next Saturday, 12 Feb until Monday 28 Feb for you to collect!

1. tart gallery

2. india ink gallery

3. patron (eliza wierwight)

4. camp f___. studios (frostie melody)

5. cadeling gallery (ling serenity)

6. bah gallery (destry alecto)

7. populuv gallery

8. vespertine gallery

9. ianlee patton

10. 13 gallery (fingers scintilla/ariel brearly)

11. trailer trash-oona eiren

12. ornaglyph gallery (sonia stardust)

13. project z (scottius polke)

14. nur moo

15. feathers boa no longer participating 

16. sonja scorbal

17. newdoll nikolaidis

18. robotic arms gallery

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Welcome to the iheartarthunt in SL!

Introducing the first I <3 ART HUNT in Secondlife!

ART is life, LIFE is art and every wall in your SL home should be adorned with original piece of art created by the best artists and galleries in Second Life. 

Each of the 18 plus participating artists and galleries have placed out a gift of personal passion on offer for those who will seek it out!

Look for the hidden "paint palette and brush" at each stop on the iheartarthunt for a fantastic original piece of art! 

The iheartarthunt is happening across the grid from February 12-28, check back here on our blog or join the in world I <3 ART HUNT Group for updates, and please tell your friends and help spread the word about ART in SL! 

The iheartarthunt is brought to you by Byrnedarkly Cazalet of Tart Gallery and sponsored by Sonja Scorbal and Soj Mod

Happy Hunting!